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The Andrews Institute offers multiple feed options:

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What is a RSS feed?

RSS feeds are a way to publish frequently updated content, such as blog articles, news, podcasts, videos, etc., in a standardized format that can be read by internet browsers and reader applications. RSS allows users to receive theĀ feedĀ content directly into their reader or browser and not have to bother with manually checking the parent website for newer news stories. RSS is like a newspaper subscription delivered right to you, without having to pay the paperboy.

RSS feeds may include a list of headlines with the newest items in bold, or a headline with a short summary of the item (depending on how you receive the feed). Simply put, RSS feeds are simply an easy way to stay informed on the subjects that interest you.

OK, I’m ready to get started

To get started using RSS feeds, you will need to either click the feed icon (usually looks like or ) in your browser (and subscribe via your browser) or use a RSS reader/aggregator.

RSS readers can be found online(web-based), as downloadable desktop applications or as apps on your mobile device/tablet. Most all readers work the same, so pick whichever one tickles your fancy or has the coolest sounding name.

Happy RSS’ing!