Safe play in youth sports can prevent injury

September 28, 2012

Topic: injury prevention

Safe play in youth sports can prevent injury

Not only do kids go back to school in September, but they also begin participating in youth sports again. However, the number of injuries endured by these athletes has increased over the years, as reported by CBS Boston. For instance, around 50 percent of football players are injured every season, and increasingly more soccer players are getting concussions. Moreover, competitors who engage in multiple sports all year round may suffer from overuse.

According to the Stop Sports Injuries campaign, approximately 920,000 athletes younger than 18 were seen in an emergency room for a football injury. Afflictions such as these call for a greater need to educate coaches, athletes and parents on injury prevention.

"Most common injuries can be prevented when players train properly, play by the rules and wear the right equipment," William Meehan, M.D., told the news source. "Football, soccer and other popular youth sports are important for maintaining good physical health and do not have to be dangerous if player safety is kept top of mind."

In order to play sports safely, it's important for athletes to receive a pre-season physical, warm up before practices and games, be aware of proper techniques and seek treatment if they suspect an injury. 

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