Sneakers are the key to healthy running

October 16, 2012

Topic: injury prevention

Sneakers are the key to healthy running

Running is a great way for a person to keep his or her body in shape. Most team and individual sports require the activity. However, like any physical exercise, athletes must be aware of necessary injury prevention methods and the possible mishaps they are at risk of suffering.

For instance, common running injuries seen in kids and adolescents include knee damage due to tendonitis, lower leg pain caused by shin splints and stress fractures, and ankle sprains, according to the Stop Sports Injuries organization. One important way that active runners can protect their body is to run with the right sneakers.

The American Podiatric Medical Association claims that healthy running is all about wearing the correct shoes for your feet. Athletes need to carefully take into consideration the shape of their arches. For example, if an individual has a high arch, he or she needs sneakers with a soft midsole and plenty flexibility.

When searching the store for a new pair of sneakers, it may be helpful for confused shoppers to seek assistance from an employee who may know a thing or two about the selection. 

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