Study finds another effective treatment option for tennis elbow

May 2, 2013

Topic: orthopaedic surgeons

Another effective treatment option for tennis elbow

People who frequently participate in activities that involve repetitive twisting of the wrist or play racquet sports may experience a condition called tennis elbow. When treating it, orthopaedic surgeons can choose either arthroscopic or open tendon releases.

New orthopaedic research reveals that both treatment options are effective. Scientists from Norway looked at 80 different patients who underwent arthroscopic release, which is a new treatment, to correct their tennis elbows. They discovered that, when compared to individuals who had open tendon releases, the subjects did just as well, if not better.

The study's investigators arrived at this conclusion after measuring the arthroscopic-release subjects' QuickDASH scores, which are based on patients' symptoms and their ability to perform certain activities. They found that 78 percent of the subjects in the arthroscopic group had excellent elbows, compared to 67 percent in the open release group.

"Both a traditional open approach and the newer arthroscopic method provide an effective treatment of recalcitrant [tennis elbow] without major complications," wrote the study's researchers. "The arthroscopic method offers a small, but not insignificant, improvement in the outcome as evaluated by the QuickDASH score."

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