The 5 best foods to eat before yoga

July 8, 2015

Topic: orthopaedic problems

Consider these foods to eat before beginning your yoga workout.

Yoga is a very common workout for people of any age. About 21 million adults in the U.S. currently practice yoga, according to the latest findings from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Yoga has numerous health benefits, including alleviating stress, improving balance and even remedying certain health conditions. The exercises can help strengthen the muscles and bones in a person's body, improving his or her orthopaedic problems. If people participate in this popular workout or are thinking about trying it out, nutrition does play a role. Certain foods can help benefit practice while others can hurt it. Regardless of what you choose to eat before class, keep it light and easy to digest. Consider these five foods to make a yoga workout the best it can be and prevent injury.

1. Oatmeal with berries
Oatmeal is a great food to help get a yoga workout started on the right foot. This grain is nice and light and high in magnesium, which means it gives people plenty of energy to stay strong in any pose they hold. However, it does have soluble fibers, which can take a significant amount of time to digest. Make sure to eat a bowl of oatmeal at least an hour before class to give the body proper time to digest without feeling weighed down in class. Adding fresh berries can give your body additional nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

2. Fruit
Certain types of fruit can be a great pre-workout snack. However, specific types of fruit can benefit you more than others. Think about biting into a pear or apple, which have low glycemic indexes. Foods that have this will give people greater energy over long periods of time. As certain practices of yoga can be lengthy, this could be a big help! Other types of food with low glycemic indexes include low-fat yogurt and bananas.

"Raisins are high in natural sugars, which can break down easily and give people the energy boost they need."

3. Raisins and prunes
While these snacks are not the most aesthetically pleasing, both are chock-full of nutrients that can help people in their yoga workout. Prunes are high in potassium, which coordinates with sodium to make sure people do not become too dehydrated during a workout. Raisins are high in natural sugars, which can break down easily and give people the energy boost they need to keep going. As an added bonus, both of these snacks are very portable and perfect when people are on-the-go.

4. Almonds
Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts people can enjoy, and they are also great for a pre-workout snack! This nut is easy to grab when people are running out the door, and can give people just the right amount of energy to get through a long yoga session. Make sure that the nuts are not salted or covered with anything, as this can lower their nutritional value and effects. 

5. Veggies and hummus
Digging into some carrots and hummus before heading to yoga class is also a good idea. Hummus is full of protein but light on the stomach, and vegetables like carrots have carotene, a key nutrient for the body. 

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