Sergio Aguero takes caution with knee injury

March 26, 2013

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Sergio Aguero takes caution with knee injury

Orthopaedic setbacks in the knee are common soccer injuries, especially in the higher levels of play. Addressing such mishaps properly is key in sports injury treatment.

Recently, Sergio Aguero, striker for soccer Premier League club Manchester City, had such an injury. Aguero confidently headed back to Argentina to play after the incident, but was deterred by his medical consultants.

"My knee is better but the squad's physicians would rather have me be safe and stick with the treatments until it's completely healed," Aguero tweeted to his followers.

The 24-year-old athlete had gone to Argentina intending to join the Argentinean team on the field. Argentina had chosen Aguero to play in the squad matches against Venezuela and Bolivia leading to the World Cup in 2014. 

Having scored 13 times already this year, Aguero is clearly a major contribution to his team. Though it means taking a break from play, the attention he is giving to his injury is nonetheless crucial in his efforts to make a full recovery.

A South University report on sports injury recovery notes the importance of a thorough rehabilitation after any serious setback. An injured athlete should be evaluated daily, and physical therapists should be mindful of the typical healing progression of such injuries.

Though Aguero's ball-netting abilities will be sorely missed by his teammates, he has decided to take these steps toward recovery rather than diving back into play. 

"I'll be cheering for Argentina from Manchester, while I finish the recovery," Aguero tweeted.

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