Expert provides tips on pain related to running

February 24, 2012

Topic: Orthopaedic sports medicine

There are different kinds of pain that may be associated with running.

Whether people are training for a marathon or simply using aerobic exercise to improve their health, running is an excellent way to stay in tip-top physical shape. However, pain may be a common result of this activity, and one orthopaedic sports medicine specialist breaks down what different types of pain may mean for

General muscle soreness is expected with running, according to physician Matthew Busam. As long as this pain does not interfere with the ability to run and goes away before the next workout, it is not really a cause for concern.

Pain that does not interfere with running, but persists throughout the exercise and lingers afterward, may be a sign of over-exertion. Stretching, cross-training and an extra day off may be a good idea.

When running is negatively affected by persistent pain, swelling or limping, a few days of rest and ice to the affected area, followed by a week of cross-training, may help. If the pain is still present, a runner should consult a physician.

Busam describes pain as structural or dynamic. The former includes tissue tears and stress fractures, while the latter is the result of muscles that are not properly conditioned for running.

According to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, running injuries can be averted with the help of adequate stretching, sufficient rest and proper footwear.

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