Hip implants not found to cause cancer

September 26, 2012

Topic: total joint replacements

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most dangerous and damaging orthopaedic injuries a person can get, sometimes even resulting in full paralysis or partial loss of motor control due to the connection to the central nervous system and the brain.

There have been concerns in the past that inserting foreign objects into the human body could induce a cancerous reaction. Researchers have looked into the situation in order to determine if hip replacements could be causing additional health concerns, and it seems that the fears here were unfounded.

At least in the short term following replacement surgery, the National Joint Registry found that hip replacements did not show a link with a rise in incidence of cancer. Orthopaerdic surgeons and doctors can reassure patients looking to get these procedures that previous recalls of Johnson and Johnson and Stryker Corporation metal hip devices were not responsible for causing heightened cancer risks in patients who received them. Even before these tools were on the market, Reuters reported that the level of reported cancer in hip replacement patients was relatively similar.

DrugWatch stressed that cancer could still develop later in recipients of hip replacement devices, but this could be a genetic condition and not one spurred by a surgical procedure. There can be other complications as well, so physicians will likely remain vigilant for some time after a surgery is completed and healing seems to have finished. 

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