Less intrusive surgery methods serving patients' needs

September 26, 2012

Topic: total joint replacements

Young athletes may be prone to lower back injuries

Not every person with back pain will need open surgery to insert a disc replacement. Sometimes minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery is all that is called for, sorting out problems without the duress or long recuperative periods inherent to more aggressive procedures.

In accordance with this, more hospitals are adopting tools to perform these kinds of operations, Get Healthy Online wrote. Facilities already outfitted with state of the art machines are getting robotic attachments for these devices and additional training for staff on how to perform minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery. These techniques can prove helpful to almost every kind of surgical candidate, the source stated.

RedOrbit wrote additionally that back pain sufferers especially will be relieved to find that their ailments can be treated in such an inoffensive way. In the past, incisions and healing times were substantial, but now these procedures leave barely a trace in some cases. This has made them much more popular with those who were previously candidates for open-back surgery. Such curtailed operations reduce risks at the surgical suite and beyond during the healing process, gaining favor with all those involved.

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