Active Lifestyle Provides Christopher Bookout, M.D., with Perspective on Treating Endurance Athletes

Bookout finishing a race.

For endurance athletes, an injury can not only delay their physical training, but it can also have a negative impact on their mental health. Christopher Bookout, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon at Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, treats endurance athletes and he is an avid runner. With years of running experience, Dr. Bookout finds comfort in his ability to connect with patients who have active lifestyles.

“I think endurance athletes can relate to me because of my running experience,” said Dr. Bookout. “I realize how important remaining physically active is to me. I think patients know that I understand why they are doing it and how important it is to them.”

While some injuries require intervention, Dr. Bookout is dedicated to finding ways to treat patient’s injuries while still allowing them to remain physically active.

“There are certain injuries where you just have to stop,” said Dr. Bookout. “However, I have patients that come to see me because they know I’m a runner and they know that most of the time I’m not just going to say stop running. Patients don’t always want to hear that. My job is to modify their training approach, find treatment alternatives and keep them active in some capacity if I can.”

A member of the Gulf Breeze community for nearly 20 years, Dr. Bookout has competed in several area endurance events. He has also spent time providing sports medicine coverage as team physician for all public high schools in Santa Rosa County. Because of his community engagement, Dr. Bookout is known as a trusted physician in the area for endurance athletes.

“I run some of the races in the area and I see a lot of my patients at those events,” said Dr. Bookout. “People seek me out once in a while because they see my name in the race results, or they will have a friend that was an endurance athlete that was a patient of mine.”

While injuries are a part of any endurance athlete’s journey, Dr. Bookout’s experience as a runner, and his experience with injuries of his own, provides enhanced perspective in treating individuals who live active lifestyles. Dr. Bookout helps individuals overcome mental and physical challenges related to an injury, treating the whole patient from recovery to returned activity.


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