Rehabilitation Services

Andrews Institute Rehabilitation provides a full range of rehabilitation services. Our therapists are experts in their respective fields. They will work with you to help you obtain the best outcome possible. They will always communicate your progress with you and will maintain contact with your physician. The therapists will customize your treatment and will continually assess your progress in order to quickly get you back to your daily activities.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy seeks to improve the functional limitations related to an injury or disease. Andrews Institute Rehabilitation employs a number of different modalities in order to treat each patient. Areas include physical therapy for sports medicine, general orthopaedics, total joint rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, chronic pain, stroke/neuron rehabilitation, comprehensive spine rehabilitation and a Risk for Falls program.

Occupational Therapy
Rebuilding strength and finite functional capabilities is the focus for Andrews Institute Rehabilitation occupational therapists. Our therapists work with each patient to help rebuild and perfect skills to help patients achieve an independent level of activity in their daily lives.

Speech Therapy
Andrews Institute Rehabilitation Speech and Language Pathologists can work with individuals of all ages who have speech, language, voice or swallowing disorders resulting from birth defects, injury, neurological conditions or disease.

Within these services, we offer a number of programs to meet your needs.