Injury Prevention: photo of youths casually running on a grass-covered field

Injury Prevention

A primary mission for the Andrews Institute is to provide education and resources to individuals with the hopes of preventing injuries. We are committed to this effort and have employed a number of tactics to aid our public in protecting themselves from the common injuries that occur in everyday life and on the athletic field.

We host a number of community education initiatives and have affiliated with international partners such as AOSSM, USA Football and Safe Kids, to name a few, in order to provide targeted information to various populations. We take this effort very seriously and are continually looking for ways to share this information.

Our founder, Dr. James Andrews, served as the 38th president for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and his platform was to STOP Sports Injuries. We are excited to be part of this ongoing effort and will share updates about new findings and materials for this educational campaign.