Browns' rookie gets back in the game after knee surgery

September 11, 2012

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In less than four weeks, Trent Richardson has made his way from the operating table to the football field after undergoing knee surgery performed by James Andrews, M.D., renowned orthopaedic surgeon at the Andrews Institute, as reported by the Associated Press (AP). The rookie for the Cleveland Browns even debuted in the team's game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 9 for the season's opener.

This is the second time Richardson has required a knee surgeon to correct an injury. Both times the running back had to have torn cartilage removed.

"If he's ready to go, he will be our starter," Pat Shurmur, the Browns' coach, told the AP before the game. "Trent looked good. He was in team (drills). I knew he'd be out here and he did a good job. It was his first day back in practice, so we did what we could do. Trent looked healthy running around."

At 5 feet, 9 inches and 230 pounds, Richardson was able to have some successful tackles in Sunday's game, including one that caused the whole crowd to erupt with applause, Cleveland Life reported. 

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