Injuries at fantasy camps could ruin experience

April 3, 2012

Topic: Injury prevention

Marathon runners should have a physical checkup before training.

Fantasy sports camps are becoming increasingly popular among adult fans, giving them the chance to play alongside their pro idols. However, not being a professional player can put campers at a physical disadvantage. One trainer suggests that injury prevention should not be neglected.

"I advise campers to start out slow and gradually build up as the camp progresses," certified athletic trainer Greg Spratt told The Bulletin in Norwich, Conn. "Unfortunately, many try to go all-out on day one and often end their camp experience in the training room. There is no fantasy disabled list."

It helps customers to begin training about 12 weeks ahead of camping. Before training starts, Spratt advises people to have a physical checkup, including a cardiac stress test, if necessary. Losing weight could also be important, as it will relieve the mechanical stress on muscles and tendons.

Stretching exercises before fantasy sports camp activities will help prevent torn muscles. It is also a good idea to include sport-specific movements into these drills.

If athletes sustain sports injuries, it is important to discontinue the activity, according to the National Institutes of Health. The agency recommends individuals to remember RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for recovery.

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