Injury prevention can maximize enjoyment of tennis

June 20, 2012

Topic: Injury prevention

Injury prevention can help athletes enjoy tennis safely.

The warm summer weather may be inviting to tennis enthusiasts. Both athletic trainers and medical experts are taking this opportunity to remind athletes about injury prevention in this sport, which can help maximize people's time and enjoyment on the court.

Two of the most common injuries occur in the elbows and shoulders, as reported by KPLC, an NBC affiliate based in Louisiana.

"I've had tennis elbow. It's excruciating," instructor Bobby Walker told the news source. "People with severe tennis elbow can't pick up their coffee and can't pick up a can be pretty rough."

Poor technique and insufficient muscle conditioning for the forearm may lead to tennis elbow, orthopaedic surgeon Geoffrey Collins told KPLC. He added that inadequate workouts may also lead to tendinitis or bursitis of the shoulder.

Taking time to warm up the muscles before hitting the court may help prevent these problems.

Certain foot injuries are also common in tennis, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Athletes can avoid Achilles tendon pain by not landing on the ball of the foot. A tennis shoe with medial arch support may also prevent plantar fasciitis.

If possible, tennis enthusiasts should avoid playing on hard surfaces with no "give," according to the AAOS. This may include cement, asphalt or man-made surfaces.

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