Proper training for triathlons is critical for injury prevention

September 17, 2012

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Proper training for triathlons is critical for injury prevention

Triathlons are not a walk in the park. Some people believe that this athletic event is one of the ultimate fitness challenges, since participants swim, bike and run in succession over various distances. It's important that those who train for triathlons are aware of injury prevention efforts for some of the most common afflictions - runner's knee and swimmer's shoulder.

Shoulder impingement is usually the result of improper swimming technique. It's essential that individuals body roll with each stroke equally from side to side. The first symptom is usually a sore shoulder the following morning. To prevent this injury, participants should recognize when they need to take a break.

Nate Koch, a physical therapy interviewed by the Competitor, reported that sometimes rest is exactly what a person needs, especially since shoulder impingements may result from tightness around the shoulder blade and scapula.

"Lots of people don’t want to miss workouts," Koch told the news source. "The coach has it on the schedule and they can’t bring themselves to take the break."

Another common injury is patellar tendinitis, which is characterized by pain that is pinpointed under the kneecap. It's typically caused by the joint not tracking correctly due to foot position, knee strength and hip mobility. Affected athletes can perform exercises to strengthen the necessary muscles and stretch regularly.

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