Reduce ankle issues through terrain choices

September 28, 2012

Topic: injury prevention

Reduce ankle issues through terrain choices

A number of sports and exercises are perilous to the overall health of limbs. Pushing too hard and in the wrong settings winds up causing serious ankle injuries that may persist for years to come, so being careful is the best advice orthopaedic doctors and surgeons have to offer.

Many casual athletes choose to run at the gym, on closed tracks or treadmills, keeping their environments safe and controlled. For cross country runners, though, trail running and use of open terrain can present uneven and perilous courses that can easily catch someone by surprise. Other exercise choices like running in poor light or when feeling fatigued conflict with injury prevention measures, Delaware Online wrote.

Ankle injuries can have long lasting effects on overall health, the Coloradoan reported. It is possible that a person can get a sprain and not know, and even in cases where pain is acute and proper care administered, the trauma can create residual damage that can lead to a greater likelihood of similar accidents in the future.

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