Athletes can run safely during holiday 5Ks

October 25, 2012

Topic: injury prevention

Athletes can run safely during holiday 5Ks

With holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas around the corner, many runners are preparing for the various 5Ks scheduled around these festivities. It's an opportunity for both beginners and experienced athletes to come together, train and have some fun. Although these races are generally considered short distances, runners still need to follow proper injury prevention techniques to keep their bones and muscles safe during these upcoming months.

Running legend Dean Karnazes, 50, recommended some easy tips to help runners avoid injuries without sacrificing their performance, The Washington Post reported. He said the three most important things are to refrain from sitting, cross train and pare down one's sneakers.

It's important for runners to avoid sitting because it may weaken their posture. In addition, cross-training techniques, such as push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, are great for conditioning the body when an athlete isn't running. Finally, overbuilt athletic sneakers may cause unnecessary injuries by forcing the feet into unnatural positions.

One of the things that all runners should be mindful of is their limits. This is the best injury prevention method of all. Doing too much too soon is the biggest cause of self-inflicted running injuries, according to Runner's World.  

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