6 of the best foods to eat after a run

August 20, 2015

Topic: sports injury

certain proteins and carbohydrates may be better than others. Eat these foods after a long, tiring run.

Running is one of the most strenuous activities people can take part in, especially if the runs are long distance. While it is a great workout, running also takes many nutrients out of the body that need to be adequately replenished so people can keep their bodies healthy and help muscles grow and rejuvenate. If people do not eat right after running, they could end up with a sports injury. 

What to focus on
People may jump for a substantial meal after a run and may choose something unhealthy such as a burger or a bowl of pasta. While these meals are appetizing and delicious, they will not bode well for people's bodies. Instead, it is important to look for foods packed with protein and carbohydrates. Why these nutritional sources?

"Look for foods packed with protein and carbohydrates."

Protein helps revitalize the body's muscles to help them grow and repairs any tissue that was torn during the run. When people run, they burn off carbohydrates, which essentially are stores of energy. If the run is long enough, people might use all of these stores. That is why it is important to replenish them after a run so people can do the same thing all over again and have the energy to do it. Be sure to eat at least 30 minutes after your run. If you wait too long, you may end up fatigued and drained. Hydrate throughout the run and directly afterward to prevent dehydration. 

Hummus is one food that is perfect after a run. Hummus is one food that is perfect after a run.

Certain proteins and carbohydrates may be better than others. Eat these foods after a long, tiring run.

1. Hummus
Hummus is a healthy dip that is packed with protein thanks to the chickpeas in it. It is also chock-full of fiber, making people feel fuller for longer. Mix this dip with some carrots or celery for a healthy, sustainable snack after a long run. Beware - do not eat this food before a run, as it could cause digestive issues and make people feel very uncomfortable. 

2. Greek yogurt
This type of yogurt is delicious and jam-packed with protein. To make a delectable snack, mix the yogurt with your favorite nut or some fresh fruit. If people do not have any fresh fruit on hand, they can also whip up a smoothie with plain yogurt and frozen fruit. Add cinnamon or honey for additional flavor.

3. Chicken
Chicken is a lean protein that can restore muscles without the fat. However, chicken can sometimes take a long time to cook. Prepare ahead of time by cooking the chicken before the run and dividing it up in proper portions. After the run, simply heat up the chicken to be good-to-go. People can also make brown or wild rice to accompany the chicken, which will add the carbohydrates the body desperately needs. If people want to make a full meal out of it, simply add a steamed vegetable!

4. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is filled with carbohydrates, helping the body replenish its stores and giving people energy. It also contains fiber and some protein, keeping people full for longer. To make it into a meal, add some nuts and fruit to stay sustained all day long. As an added bonus, oatmeal is heart healthy and can reduce people's bad cholesterol levels. 

5. Bananas
If people are in a hurry, biting down on a banana is a quick post-run snack. Bananas are filled with carbohydrates and have a few other beneficial nutrients, including potassium. People can also put sliced banana on toast with almond butter for an easy meal that has protein in it.

6. Chocolate milk
While this beverage may seem unhealthy, it is actually not. Chocolate milk has carbohydrates and is sometimes fortified with protein to help keep people at their best. Down this after a tiring run to help replenish the body. 

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