G. Daxton Steele, M.D. Uses CrossFit Experience to Impact Patients at Andrews Institute

Dr. G. Daxton Steele at CrossFit

G. Daxton Steele, M.D., an orthopaedic total joint surgeon at Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, recently finished second in the world in the 150 pound weight class in the master’s division during the 2016 CrossFit Liftoff powered by Rogue.

The world-wide online weightlifting competition was held during the first week of November. Competitors had to complete a CrossFit workout and two max-effort lifts at a CrossFit affiliate location in front of a certified judge, or they could be recorded on video and submit the filming for online judging.

"Most of the time, CrossFit events are broken up into the categories of scaled, as prescribed and elite,” said Dr. Steele. “For this event, you were broken up by your age and weight. That’s something that appealed to me because I am smaller guy and I always tend to be competing against a lot bigger guys."

Dr. Steele finds that his experiences through CrossFit impact the patients that he sees at Andrews Institute.

"I see a lot of younger, active patients that have expectations after a joint replacement surgery," said Dr. Steele. "I can speak that language with them. It really gives me insight into what they want to achieve from the surgery. Because sometimes their wishes are not the right thing for them (to return to certain activities, for example) and I have to be candid with them. So my real-life experiences definitely help me have those conversations with those patients. I am receiving more attention, especially here."

While Dr. Steele’s experience as an orthopaedic surgeon impacts his patients with active lifestyles, it has also impacted his approach as a CrossFit athlete.

"I’ve learned to listen carefully to my own body," said Dr. Steele. "Both being an orthopaedic surgeon and getting older has changed my outlook. When you’re younger, you have that feeling of invincibility- that you can’t get hurt and that little nagging pain will just go away. Now I monitor those aches and pain a lot more closely."

As a regular attendee at Alpha Omega Sports Performance in Pensacola, Dr. Steele has created relationships with individuals that he trains with routinely. His knowledge as an orthopaedic surgeon and insights into sports medicine has impacted the close-knit CrossFit community.

"Dr. Steele gravitated toward CrossFit because of the opportunity to compete at a high level and complete a workout regimen that is challenging and can evolve."

"I was always involved in athletics, playing high school sports and playing sports in college and staying active through med school,” said Dr. Steele. “Once I began my practice, I did the normal routine of going to a gym. I became bored very quickly. Once I found CrossFit I found it more engaging and fitting to my lifestyle."

The biggest attraction to CrossFit for Dr. Steele is the quantitative aspect including the measurements involved.

"We’re constantly doing workouts where we are measuring our performance,” said Dr. Steele. “That constant evolution and that constant awareness of how you are doing, whether you are falling back a little or you are making improvements, really speaks to athletes, especially to me."

While Dr. Steele competed as an individual for the 2016 CrossFit Liftoff, Steele and members of the Alpha Omega Sports Performance and CrossFit VU finished third in a masters event at the 2016 Pensacola Beach Brawl.

"It was an amazing experience to see our team compete against all these other teams out there,” said Dr. Steele. “(Spectators) would never have guessed our group and our competitors were all over the age of 40. It was rewarding to finally see a masters event on this type of scale. To finish on the podium on a regional level was a fulfilling moment."


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