Andrews Institute Spine Center

The Andrews Institute Spine Center provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and integrated team approach for the evaluation and management of disorders of the spine. Our center focuses on the conservative treatment of spine disorders afflicting both the athlete and non–athlete. Our treatment strategies strive to return the individual to their highest functional level possible.

Conservative approaches are our primary focus, utilizing rehabilitative programs designed by our physical therapists and physiatrists. Our Spine Center also has a team of pain management physicians dedicated to treating acute or chronic pain, along with a prescribed rehabilitative program.

When surgery is contemplated, we have a team of neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons available for consultation. Our surgeons have been trained in the newest emerging surgical techniques that focus on minimally invasive spine surgery to promote the best outcomes. Our physicians are on the leading edge – developing new surgical techniques through ongoing clinical research and by taking on difficult cases. Our patients suffer much less pain and are often back to their normal activities within a few days to weeks.

No other medical center in Northwest Florida utilizes a multidisciplinary approach by including physicians from the fields of orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and physiatrists who work with occupational therapists, physical therapists and other rehabilitation specialists to provide individualized plans of care and recovery. Our state-of-the art spine center offers minimally and maximally invasive surgeries and leading–edge technologies such as the O-arm® imaging system, and has the expertise to help return you to work and play at your pre–injury level.

Whether physical therapy, microsurgery or complex reconstructive surgery is needed, the diverse and acclaimed staff of the Andrews Institute stands ready to alleviate your pain… and return you to full form. Call us at 850.916.8700 for more information.

In pain? Where does it hurt?

Back pain?

graphic: man with back pain

Back pain is among the most incapacitating of injuries, often rendering work, play and basic movement impossible. Spine injuries and back pain affect people from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, active or not. They are the most common problems encountered in general neurosurgery and often require specialized diagnosis and treatment.

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Neck pain?

graphic: man with back pain

Have neck pain? Any part of your neck – muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments or nerves – can cause it. Pain may also come from your shoulder, jaw, head or upper arms. Muscle strain or tension often causes neck pain. Sleeping position, falls or accidents are other common causes of neck pain.

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