Diagnostic Imaging and MRI: photo of woman reviewing MRI films

Diagnostic Imaging & MRI

Imaging needs at the Andrews Institute are focused on the most advanced technologies for diagnosis or musculoskeletal pathologies.

The newest 3 Tesla MRI is located at the Institute for efficient, convenient testing. A complete, accurate diagnosis should be reached in a single day for most musculoskeletal injuries. Additional imaging services are also offered at the adjacent Gulf Breeze Hospital.

Utilizing completely digital imaging equipment, the Andrews Institute is able to offer patients fast turnaround service while also providing the best diagnostic imaging available. Ordering physicians are able to access their patients’ images on computers in their offices immediately after they are taken.

The Andrews Institute also is the only facility in Northwest Florida offering adult scanograms for patients about to undergo joint replacement surgery and scoliosis series for precise images of the spine to tailor specific treatment plans.