Dr. Juliet De Campos to Attend Spring Training for Cincinnati Reds

Juliet De Campos, M.D. to Attend Reds Spring Training for Preparticipation Physicals

Juliet De Campos, M.D. will embark on her sixth trip to the Cincinnati Reds spring training in Goodyear, Arizona, to join fellow Reds’ medical personnel in performing preparticiaption physicals for the organization’s minor league players. Dr. De Campos, the Medical Director for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, the Double-A affiliate of the Reds, will provide comprehensive orthopaedic screenings for all Reds’ minor league pitchers and catchers.


“The Reds’ want an orthopaedic surgeon to check all their pitcher’s shoulders, elbows, hands and wrist because they are more prone to having problems that we can address in spring training to better position them during the season,” said Dr. De Campos.

Dr. De Campos, an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Andrews Institute, says that her time spent at spring training is an invaluable opportunity to build relationships with all players and coaches throughout the entire Red’s organization.

“The relationships that I develop during spring training are very important,” said Dr. De Campos. “It’s not just creating relationships with the players but interaction with the organization’s coaches, clubhouse managers and athletic trainers that are so essential. The main thing I focus on is facilitating the players to be the best players that they can be.”

Those relationships built with Reds’ players at spring training are very important as they progress through the organization.

“There are certain players request me to conduct their physicals now that I’ve gotten to know them as they’ve come up through the organization,” said Dr. De Campos. “There was a player that was from Los Angeles, who grew up very close to where I lived, that ended up playing for the Wahoos before reaching Triple-A. I have the opportunity to see that player develop and felt like I was personally invested in his growth.”

As her tenure with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos has grown, so has the trust from the Cincinnati Reds Medical Director, Dr. Timothy Kremchek, and other Reds’ minor league physicians.

“Last year was the first year Dr. Kremchek asked me to cover a Cincinnati Reds spring training game,” said Dr. De Campos. “There’s a certain level of respect and deference that I have earned over the last seven years. During the preparticipation physicals, the Triple-A team physician will ask me to double check something. That level of understanding and trust is something that makes me feel like I’m part of the team.”

While Dr. De Campos provides annual preparticipation physicals for the Reds’ minor league players, she finds the same passion and satisfaction for assessing area high school athletes in the annual free preparticipation physicals provided through Andrews Institute.

“I enjoy getting to know the kids,” said Dr. De Campos. “What I really like to see in the high school physicals is the diversity of the kids and their various aspirations. Their drive to participate is great. I’m very encouraged when I see so many young athletes want to continue participating in sports.”

Dr. De Campos is also the team physician for Pine Forrest High School, and sees the great importance of providing area high school athletes with the same level of care that professional baseball players receive.

“The professional athletes have the ability to access a much higher level of medical care, but many of our student-athletes don’t have this access,” said Dr. De Campos. “So when we can provide that level of care to them, it’s great. Sometimes in our annual preparticiaption physicals (at Andrews Institute), the certified athletic trainers and physical therapists do most of the musculoskeletal assessments, but they will pull me in to double check on whatever they think. We are fortunate to be able to take that same level of expertise and apply it to the local high school athletes here.”

As spring training progresses, Dr. De Campos will gain a better understanding of what musculoskeletal issues players will be facing as members of the Blue Wahoos this summer. Dr. De Campos looks forward to providing sports medicine care to all players she serves, no matter the rank, league or age.


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