Tendon repairs in athletes

Juliet De Campos, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
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 Q: Why are the majority of tendon ruptures sports related?
Juliet De Campos, M.D.: Tendons connect muscles to bones and so in athletes they're using those muscles quickly and forcefully. We do see a lot more tendon injuries in athletes, especially in contact sports. The tendons that are most commonly injured are the quadriceps and hamstrings tendons, the Achilles tendon in the foot, the pectoralis major in the chest and the biceps and triceps tendons.
 Q: What are some of the factors in tendon injuries?
Juliet De Campos, M.D.: Factors in tendon injuries or overuse, repetitive motion, quick forceful motions or high-speed contact such as football players. In this situation, we have to protect them after repair until they can have the same forces on their body.
 Q: Talk about sport-specific tendon injuries.
Juliet De Campos, M.D.: Although tendon injuries are common in athletes, we see different injuries in sports specific ways. For example, baseball players are going to have a lot more overuse if they're a pitcher or a catcher whereas the outfielders may rupture a hamstring running. With football injuries, because of the forces and the speed involved, we're going to see a lot of more of those high-speed injuries and the athletes can't return to that sport until they can take those sort of forces on their tendons again.


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