Fluouroscopy guided joint injections

David Chandler, M.D.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Interventional Pain Medicine Specialist
Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
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 Q: How can a fluouroscopy guided joint injection help patients with back pain?
Marisa Terry, M.D.: Fluoroscopy or X-ray is frequently used during spine procedures to help us localize the spine anatomy and help guide the needle to the target position. There are several different types of spine injections that can be performed with an x-ray machine to help us better localize the area where we're going to be doing the injection.
 Q: Talk about the importance of flouroscopy as an image guidance tool.
Marisa Terry, M.D.: With x-ray we can be careful with the area where we're going to be doing the injection and see contrast spread during the procedure to make sure it is getting to the right target area.
 Q: When do you as a physician decide if a spine injection is the best option for a patient?
Marisa Terry, M.D.: There are a number of different treatments for back pain including physical therapy, medications, alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage. Spine injections or procedures are another non-operative tool that we have available for patients to help treat pain, hopefully reduce pain and allow people to have improved quality of life.
 Q: What can a patient expect when they require a fluouroscopy guided joint injection?
Marisa Terry, M.D.: X-ray guided or fluoroscopy guided spine injections are typically performed in an outpatient surgery center which involves a check-in and checkout period. Multiple staff members that are involved to help make sure the patient experience is a positive one. Some people choose to have medication typically from an IV to help them relax or anesthesia medicine during the procedure to help them relax and make sure the injection is as pain free as possible.


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