Human Performance & Biomechanical Research

AREI provides biomechanical assessments to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury by addressing the efficiency of an athlete’s body mechanics using proven scientific methods and state-of-the-art biomechanics.

Assessments can be provided to athletes participating in a number of sporting activities and identify the potential physical imbalances and body movements that may limit performance and increase the risk of injury. Additionally, AREI conducts research that will help drive the human performance of amateur and professional athletes including “warrior athletes,” better known as members of our armed forces.

On-site resources for human performance research include:

Human Performance Biomechanics Laboratory
  • 10 camera optical Vicon Nexus motion analysis system
  • 2 camera high speed video system
  • 4 Bertec force plates,
  • “Zerowire” wireless EMG system
  • The complete biomechanics system is integrated to provide a global assessment of various populations
Body Composition and Human Physiology Laboratory
  • Metabolic research and assessment instrumentation
  • Biodex system 3 for strength assessment,
  • Body composition DEXA instrumentation.