Research Initiatives

The Andrews Research & Education Foundation conducts research initiatives that will generate new techniques, technology and methodologies that can be implemented in direct patient care and will improve the lives of people of all ages.

AREF participates in research that will move science forward and will prepare orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation for likely future advances in medical practice, human performance, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and bio-informatics.

Three unique areas within our Research division include:

Human Performance:
Learn moreAREF has a human performance and biomechanics laboratory that conducts motion assessments and analyses for sports movement to prevent injuries and/or improve performance.

Surgical skills, cadaver and materials testing:
Learn moreAREF has a laboratory that is used for training and education along with new product testing, surgical technique improvement and proficiency training.

Clinical Trials:
Learn moreAREF provides oversight and support for the implementation of clinical studies of drugs and devices in alignment with Baptist Health Care and Andrews Institute physicians.