Back Pain Causes and Information

At the Andrews Institute Spine Center each patient is unique.

A spine or back injury is a painful, life–altering condition that deserves personalized care. Our team of expert clinicians takes an individualized, tailored approach to treating back and spine conditions. We don’t just provide you treatment – we return you back to an active, healthy lifestyle through compassionate care.

Oh, My Aching Back!

We’ve all heard it. "Quit slouching. Sit up straight. Walk tall." Our parents try to help us develop good posture at an early age to set the foundation for long–term spinal and back health.

Statistics show that most everyone is affected by back pain. While poor posture can lead to back pain, there are other causes as well.

About 80 percent of us are affected by back pain at some time in our lives. Most spine conditions often begin with a complaint of lower back pain.

Some back pain can start with muscular strains and poor posture. Other types, such as degenerative (aging condition) spine disease, are more complex involving several elements of the spine and supporting structures.

What Is Causing The Pain?

Degenerative spine disease is one of the most common diagnoses of back pain. Spine degeneration is a normal part of aging, but if aggressive, can be painful.

Pain associated with degenerative spine disease often originates in the facet joint, or the joints that are located on the back of the spine.

Exercise and oral anti–inflammatory medication can help reduce the pain associated with this condition.

Other forms of degenerative disease include disk herniation (bulging disc) spinal stenosis (narrowing spinal area) and instability. These diseases can result in pain due to the aging condition of the "cushion" between the bones and spine, the narrowing of the spinal canal, nerve compression, bone slipping and spine twisting.

Each Of Us Is Unique

Back pain, its cause and diagnosis is unique for each individual. If you are experiencing back pain, let your doctor know.

Medications, exercise, bracing and surgery are options available to remedy back pain depending on your diagnosis. As back pain continues to be a common condition, numerous studies are being conducted to better help understand back pain, prevention, education and treatment.

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