Spine Center Services

The Andrews Institute Spine Center is the premier center for treating conditions of the spine. In addition to our team of physicians, the Andrews Institute is an all–inclusive facility providing a quick and accurate diagnosis to treat your spine condition.

Our Spine Center strives to treat most spine disorders. We have dedicated physicians and service lines that cover most spine problems. Furthermore, all consultations and most outpatient treatments can be done at the Andrews Institute. Our sister inpatient hospital is located a block away for major procedures at Gulf Breeze Hospital, part of the Baptist Health Care System.

In addition to our team of physicians, the Andrews Institute has

  • in–house diagnostic imaging and MRI
  • rehabilitation
  • ambulatory surgery center
  • athletic performance training center

This provides you the ability to seek all of your care in one place, providing you an easier and efficient way to obtain your health care.

Unique to the Andrews Institute, is the Andrews Research & Education Foundation. Many of the Spine Center physicians are leading research studies that will help create new techniques and medical devices related to the treatment of many spine conditions. The Andrews Institute is a leader in this field and many physicians from around the United States and many parts of the world come to the Institute to train and continue their medical education.